Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2013 Sec 1s going to 2014 Sec 2s

Dear students,

This is Mr Tan Hoe Teck and I am writing to you in the capacity of TEACHER COORDINATOR of ISS (Investigative Skills in Science).
This is a module under Science for Sec 2 that is to be held in Term 3 of Sec 2 (End June to End August) 

If you reflect on Sec 1 Science assessment and marks allocation, they are summarized below:
(a) Level Tests 1 and 2 = 20% 
(b) Performance Task   = 10% 
(c) Common Test          = 20% 
(d) Practical Exams      = 10% 
(e) End-of-year Exams = 40% (Covering areas of Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

For Sec 2, the components are different. They include an additional capstone task:
(a) Level Test 1             = 10% 
(b) Performance Task   = 10% 
(c) Mid Year Exams      = 20%
(d) Capstone Tasks     = 20%  (INVESTIGATIVE SKILLS IN SCIENCE) 
(e) End-of-year Exams  = 40%  (Covering areas of Physics, Biology, and ISS)

In order to prepare you well for this Capstone Task, I am guiding you through the following process:
15 Oct: Deciding the project title (You will remain in your IRS groupings OR you can change the members) 
15 Nov: Submission of project groups and title  
15 Jan: Purchase of equipment   
15 Mar: Arrival of equipment
15 May: Final preparation completed for ISS (Issue of time lines) 
End June: Start of ISS
End Aug: End of ISS
I will be reminding you at least once a month for your ideas and project equipment.  

You can generate project ideas by going to this website:
You are recommended to go to the Topic Selection Wizard to help you come up with your research question.

Please submit your group title here: (YOU CAN SUBMIT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT) 

If you need ideas or more information, please refer to this blog:


Mr Tan Hoe Teck

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