31. Blog, Video, Poster, Log Book, Peer Appraisal

1. Sample Blogs

2. Sample Videos
Please note that for your submission, it should be 2 minutes at a max of 40 MB.
Please upload into Youtube and place a link in your Blog page in Annex C - Multimedia.

3. Poster Templates and Samples
Refer to the documents in the poster folder in the students' google site.
The following skydrive for templates and samples:

Please convert it to pdf before uploading.
Please name it according to your group number e.g. "S201G"
Please upload your posters in this dropbox folder

4. Log Book
Please hand in your log book duly completed to your teacher mentors by the deadline.

5. Peer Appraisal
Please fill up the following form for your team on Term 3 Week 10.

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