Tuesday, December 3, 2013

If you are really lost, here are some interesting projects ..

ABC programme - Water quality testing, Green-based projects  
Eden School Project - Kine-static project (Arduino) 
GreenPac - Agriculture and Aquaculture 
Atmospheric Physics research - Solar Flares, Lightning etc (Raspberry Pi) 
Clean Water Competition - Water Filtration systems
Earthquake studies 
Green Building and Technology
Development of a Kinetic Art piece for Singapore Science Center

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Research on Arduinos and Raspberry Pis

2013 Sec 1s going to 2014 Sec 2s

Dear students,

This is Mr Tan Hoe Teck and I am writing to you in the capacity of TEACHER COORDINATOR of ISS (Investigative Skills in Science).
This is a module under Science for Sec 2 that is to be held in Term 3 of Sec 2 (End June to End August) 

If you reflect on Sec 1 Science assessment and marks allocation, they are summarized below:
(a) Level Tests 1 and 2 = 20% 
(b) Performance Task   = 10% 
(c) Common Test          = 20% 
(d) Practical Exams      = 10% 
(e) End-of-year Exams = 40% (Covering areas of Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

For Sec 2, the components are different. They include an additional capstone task:
(a) Level Test 1             = 10% 
(b) Performance Task   = 10% 
(c) Mid Year Exams      = 20%
(d) Capstone Tasks     = 20%  (INVESTIGATIVE SKILLS IN SCIENCE) 
(e) End-of-year Exams  = 40%  (Covering areas of Physics, Biology, and ISS)

In order to prepare you well for this Capstone Task, I am guiding you through the following process:
15 Oct: Deciding the project title (You will remain in your IRS groupings OR you can change the members) 
15 Nov: Submission of project groups and title  
15 Jan: Purchase of equipment   
15 Mar: Arrival of equipment
15 May: Final preparation completed for ISS (Issue of time lines) 
End June: Start of ISS
End Aug: End of ISS
I will be reminding you at least once a month for your ideas and project equipment.  

You can generate project ideas by going to this website:
You are recommended to go to the Topic Selection Wizard to help you come up with your research question.

Please submit your group title here: (YOU CAN SUBMIT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT) 

If you need ideas or more information, please refer to this blog:


Mr Tan Hoe Teck

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Development of a lightning detection system in Sst Singapore


AGRICULTURAL-based Projects

1. Vertical Garden      http://sst2013-s204iss-a.blogspot.sg/
2. Aero-ponics            http://sst2013-s2041ss-c.blogspot.sg/
3. Aqua-ponics           http://sst2013-s204iss-e.blogspot.sg/


Development of a Temperature Control System for an Aquarium

Development of a Haze sensor and filter

Development of a pH Sensor

Development of a GREEN and SMART solar house

Development of a Soil Moisture Sensor